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We offer analytical instruments and accredited laboratory services.
Our special competence is technical cleanliness inspection - for more than 20 years.

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We sell particle scanners, electron
and Raman microscopes, X-ray
Micro-CT systems and SIMS.
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Our ISO accredited testing lab
delivers results reliably and fast.
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Cleanliness analysis






Customers and suppliers demand that
the cleanliness of components needs
to be controlled during manufacturing
(ISO-16232, VDA-19). We are able
to support your efforts with qualified
advice, service and a variety of
appropriate products.
  Cleanliness Testing



The character of contaminant particles
is uncovered precisely by the use of
chemical typing. Solely this method
allows to eliminate the dirt sources
from the process. Get information on
automated contamination analysis
by the use of SEM-EDS.
  SEM-EDS particle analysis




MicroVideo - see the complete
set of routines for component
cleanliness testing on video

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RJL Micro & Analytic GmbH
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